SXSW Review: Little Boots, March 14, Karma Lounge

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It’s been a few years since Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots first emerged onto our scene with the dance floor hits “Meddle” and “New in Town”. Her sophomore album Nocturnes did not make as much noise over on this side of the Atlantic so it was to my surprise when I saw her listed on the SXSW book. Being a fan of synthpop/electronic music, it was a fairly easy decision to make the trek to Karma to see the show.

The show appeared to a Casio showcase, and there was no better headliner for the night then Little Boots. I bet she single handedly boost Tenori-on sales quite a bit during her run a few years ago. For this show, it appeared that Casio decked her out with all new equipment. With her trusted Tenori-on attached to some really expensive looking equipment, Little Boots played a one women show that had all the elements of what you are looking for on a Friday night at a club.

Featuring songs off both her albums, Little Boots mixed, looped and live sampled all the parts of her songs and essentially constructed them live on stage. It was super impressive that one person could make all this music at once. While her new albums didn’t make it as big as her last record, tracks like “Shake” came off amazing live and had the crowd moving.

The Tenori-on was once again in full effect and once again, probably inspired someone to go buy one after the night.

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