Concert Review: Dr. Dog, November 16, Ram’s Head Live

Chemical reactions. That’s all I can think about now when I hear Dr. Dog’s music. That band has the touch of putting together sounds/lyrics/emotions/instruments/cadences that honestly create physiological triggers in my mind. I can’t help but start twitching (in a good way) when I hear the opening riff of How Long Must I Wait, Lonesome, Shadow People AND That Old Black Hole. And those are only my top four tracks. I love all of them.

Needless to say, I was super pumped to be able to see the band live, and they did not disappoint. The venue, Ram’s Head, was a new one for me. The trip to Baltimore made the experience seem all the more surreal – it’s such a change from the more staid, DC scene. And, the setting also enhanced the band’s Baltimore-centric lyrics that come out in Shadow People and How Long Must I Wait (despite the fact that the band hails from Pennsylvania). The group got on and just started jamming. I honestly don’t think they uttered a word besides the lyrics for the first hour, which was fine with the crowd who enthusiastically sang, danced, and drank along.

Call Dr Dog neo-psychedelic, baroque pop, indie folk, indie pop… call them what you will. Doesn’t matter the label you apply. They’ll stick with you.

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