Concert Review: Cut Copy, November 15, Danforth Music Hall


Honestly I was so busy dancing at the Cut Copy show on Friday that I wasn’t entirely sure what they were really doing on stage. I did take the time to take that picture but it pretty much says it all – people were having a blast, there were pulsating lights and the four members of Cut Copy appeared to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. I believe at one point the guitar player was using his guitar to hit the cymbals. FUN!

The Australian group was in town to promote their new album Free Your Mind, their new album which I am slowly absorbing. It doesn’t have the immediate catchiness of the first two albums but appears to follow in the line of Zonoscope which ditches the original formula for a more drawn out payoff. Nevertheless a sold out crowd was more then ready to experience Free Your Mind live as well as the rest of Cut Copy catalog.

And what a back catalog it is. It’s easy to forget how awesome those first two albums were since they are both a bit old (by internet standards) but the second the opening lines of Hearts On Fire hits, you are immediately transported back to that age when you discovered them and it’s magnificent. That Was Just a Dream and Strangers in the Wind soon followed and added to the crowd’s already ecstatic level of energy. For a sold out show, the crowd was exceptionally awesome – people were there to just dance and have fun. Seems like a rarity but should be noted.

The ninety minute show was a non stop dance party that had everyone moving. Even the people in the balcony were up and doing that awkward “dancing in my seating area” dance. For me it all led to their closer, the wonderful Need You Now. It’s essentially a 60’s pop song that has been transported into the world of electronics and given the good standard (but drawn out) buildup/payoff treatment. The slow build of the song coupled with everyone singing along to the lyrics followed by the gentle explosion will definitely be among my favorite concert moments of the year.

Top notch show, Cut Copy are now on my “never miss them live” list. They should be on yours as well.

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