Concert Review: Rebirth Brass Band, November 9th, The Hamilton


The night before I went to see the Rebirth Brass Band, a Grammy award winning New Orleans group, I was at The Blow show at the Black Cat. The Blow is an uber-emotive-noise-pop-Brooklyn-based-female-duo who played maybe 20 minutes of music over a 90 minutes performance. The Rebirth Brass Band was the polar opposite. The group got on stage at the amazing Hamilton venue in downtown DC, and once they started, they did not stop. Literally. Not only was each track a marathon mix of funk, jazz, soul, hip hop, and traditional New Orleans brass, but the band barely took a breath between songs. Unfortunately, me trying to write a review of this award-winning band is like a middle schooler who’s only eaten PBJs for lunch trying to review a five-star restaurant… aka I have no idea how to do this band justice. But take my word for it as a peon, this band will rock your socks.

The energy was unrelenting and upbeat, the drummer was cool as a cucumber (I love when drummers are super nonchalant instead of over-the-top-head-bangers), and the crowd was dancing. It was such a fun show and The Hamilton provided the perfect venue. DC readers, if you haven’t been to this bar, it’s well worth a visit for any of your weekend or after-work activities. It’s truly a labyrinth of fun, with several bars, constant sports games, great people watching, a nice restaurant, a sushi bar, a concert venue, and (allegedly – I’ve never gotten the invite) an upstairs with a private party venue. The staff is great, the bands they bring in are excellent, and the location can’t be beat.

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