Concert Review: Tennis, November 10, Garrison


In town to promote their new EP Small Sound, Denver based husband and wife duo Tennis (plus 2) played a solid, no frills show at the heat box known as the Garrison on Sunday night. The timing for their arrival into our chaotic city was almost perfect, as their sun kissed summery twee music was a perfect distraction from the heart breaking realization by most people that the crushing weight of another Canadian winter was upon us once again. I wish I lived in Tennis’s music world, surely a domain full of refreshing breezes, long island ice teas, Fred Perry clothes and sailboats. Since I am based in reality, I cannot. However, for a bit over an hour, Tennis’s songs briefly transported me to those places.

Having added two additional tour mates (a drummer and a bassist, I think), I found Tennis’s sound live a bit more fully realized than previous shows and there was an additional groove and rhythm to this show. Alaina Moore has such a sweet voice it makes me want to go buy a milkshake. The band still does nothing on stage, and might be the first twee shoe gazing band in existence. Aside from a few simple hello’s and thank yous, banter was a minimal and the band let the music do the talking. The fans loved it, from songs like new classic Mean Streets to my favorite Tennis song My Better Self, People were doing their best to dance (sometimes to comical effect, but hey, dance like no one’s watching right.. RIGHT?). Someone even got kicked out for being too drunk. I don’t know what kind of life stage you have to be at to be kicked out at a Sunday night Tennis concert, but it probably doesn’t bode well.

A pleasant Sunday night show featuring an entirely pleasant band. Check out their Twebsite, it’s cool and nostalgic, which also perfectly sums up Tennis.

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