Concert Review: Kate Nash, 9:30 Club, November 11


Kate Nash put on one my most unexpectedly favorite shows of the year to date. I went into her show with looooooow expectations. It was a Monday night, I was a bit concert-ed out after Friday and Saturday night shows, and I’d heard from friends past performances from the British star had been sub-par.

O was I pleasantly surprised.

I was nervous/cranky up to the very beginning, when Nash was not only a few minutes late but then primed the audience for her appearance on stage with four old-school TVs and one giant screen in the back showing her singing “You Don’t Own Me.” “Oh man,” I thought, “all ego, no performance.” Then… her band came on – three awesome looking women with “Deaf Proof” Tees…. Then Ms. Nash appeared.

Instant girl crush.

Kate Nash is honestly one of the most adorable humans I’ve ever seen, and she leverages that pert nose, great British accent, stunning smile, and awesome hair to the best of her ability to amazing effect. There are just so many contradictory aspects on display at once, you can’t help but be captivated by her, then when she opens her mouth and that singular voice comes out, you’re hooked for good. The juxtaposition of her cuteness, her energy, and her anger are entrancing. I was too caught up in the show to be at all disappointed I didn’t hear some of my favorites, instead falling in love with every track she played live, especially “Oh my god” and “Fri-end.” Nash has also perfected the art of banter, pausing from music just long enough to:

1) Thank the crowd
2) Tell the crowd they were dumb if they missed her awesome opener
3) Explain the inspiration behind the “Fri-end” track, advising the crowd to ‘spring clean’ their phone of all the people they call friends but don’t actually like
4) Explain that she wrote “Oh my god” while on the perfect ‘holiday’ – one of those vacations that makes you realize ‘how sh*t everyday life can be… but then there’s no point in trying to polish a turd.’

Ah Kate, such words of wisdom, such an amazing show. Loved it, love you, best of luck.

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