Concert Review: London Grammar, October 3, Lincoln Hall


I like to think that I have impeccable taste in music, but from time to time I have to admit that I make incorrect musical choices. I have never, and never will, admit that a band I love is rubbish, but I’m willing to cop to not loving a band that’s great. Sigur Ros was my first musical failure. I’ve had enough people with great taste in music tell me that this band is the best thing since sliced bread to know that my not loving them is on me. I’m going to put London Grammar into that same category.

Indication one that I’m wrong about London Grammar – they were originally booked at Schubas but were moved to the larger Lincoln Hall, and the place was filled to bursting on a Thursday evening. Indication two – the buzz surrounding this band is huge. Indication three – their album If You Wait got a 7.1 from Pitchfork. That should be enough to sell anyone right there.

But for some reason they just didn’t do it for me. Granted, Hannah Reid has a lovely, strong, deep voice – my problem was that I got bored listening to it. For the majority of the first three songs you couldn’t distinguish lyrics and the songs were incredibly slow paced, and I simply didn’t connect. It didn’t help that the band had the stage completely backlit so you couldn’t see them and the lights were blinding everyone in the audience.

I’m sure London Grammar is a great band. I’m just going to keep my distance.

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