Concert Review: Geographer, August 30, Schubas


Your band doesn’t have to have a lead singer with a wiry build, beautiful features and a scrunchable head of jet black hair.

But it doesn’t hurt.

Let’s start with the opener though – GRMLN opened for Geographer Friday night at Schubas Tavern. The quartet out of California had only one band member over the age of 21, and they also had the most impressive collective set of haircuts I’d ever seen. Lead singer had a swoop cut that completely obscured his face but served as a perfect pinwheel when he started flailing, and the drummer had a head full of beautiful red ringlets. The band had a good sound to boot – a sort of grungy-punk-rock sound that was hazy as well as catchy.

Geographer rounded out the night with the perfect combination: an eclectic array of real instruments (guitar, sax, electric cello, drums) and a whole lotta synth. The trio brought an electric energy to the stage that transmitted to the excitable crowd at Schubas, and culminated in a bro dance/love fest at the front of the crowd. The crowd apparently self-describes their music as “soulful music from outer space” and I’d say that’s actually pretty much spot on. The highlight of the night for me was their cover of Arthur Russell – This Is How We Walk On the Moon. Give it a listen:

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