Turf Review: Joel Plaskett Emergency, July 5th, Fort York


This is part two of our three part series. I have enlisted my friend Adam from Never Had to Fight to help provide an additional opinion about the show. Two reviews for the price of one!

Adam: What can I say about Plaskett? I’ve seen him a few hundred times already. He’s an entertainer, he knows how to put on a good show. Sure I might not really dig Scrappy Happiness, but the set overall was a lot of fun. My only comment would be that I took out my ear plugs three times during your set thinking that the set was over, but then you started tuning you guitar… Why am I writing it to Joel, he’s not going to read this… we’re not FB friends. Well, hi Joel. Long time no talk. Ran into your friend Peter a few weeks back at NXNE. You should tell him to grow his beard back. Mmm, beard.

Ricky: In my opinion, Joel Plaskett should have been the closer for the night. When a baseball team wants to end with a win, they bring out their fireball closer with the 90 mph cutter, not the lefty specialist with a 80 mph 12-6 curveball. As always, Joel brought his A game. He’s been around since some of my friends were toddlers but I feel like Joel Plaskett has been gaining more and more momentum lately. The legend is spreading. There’s a good reason why – the man’s live show just rocks. You could say they are … (David Caruso glasses) extraordinary. Love This Town is such a classic song, I mean, he probably plays it in every city, and then at that point during the show, everyone at the show might actually for a brief second, actually love where they are living. Even people in places like Regina or Winnipeg. That’s power. All in all, Joel Plaskett was a good 90 minutes of good ole Canadian rock. You know it’s good when the festival’s promoter is off to the side windmilling along to the drum beats.

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