Concert Review: Caveman, Lincoln Hall, June 28


First of all, shout-out to Caveman for convincing the bouncer at Lincoln Hall to let me in when my name mysteriously didn’t make it on their guest list. Second of all, shout-out to Caveman for putting on a great show Friday night.

The five piece band out of Brooklyn opened for Rogue Wave, and as the only opener, they were able to play a gratifyingly long set that showcased their loose and relaxed style. They struck just the right chord next to the crisp and clean sound of Rogue Wave; too much of one and it would have been sloppy, too much of the other and it would have been rigid, but next to each other they were perfect.

Caveman also did something I love – the lead singer busted out a humongous drum mid-set and started wailing on it. I’ve heard people say that at this point having your front-man play a drum is overdone and cliché, and honestly they might be right, but I still can’t help but smile whenever a band does it. I’m always pro seeing a real person play a real instrument with gusto after seeing far too many bands hide behind keyboards and lightly bounce along to their music. So keep on wailing Caveman.

Caveman’s new self titled album is out July 9th off Fat Possum records.

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