Concert Review: Youngblood Hawke, Lincoln Hall, May 7th


Youngblood Hawke‘s maxim for their show at Lincoln Hall Tuesday night might very well have been “Git ‘er done.” In and out in forty minutes – but what a shining forty minutes it was. The five piece indie rock outfit out of LA came bursting onto the stage looking like a snapshot from the 1970’s. While most bands right now go for the grandma sweaters and ironic mustaches (there was in fact one band member sporting both – he apparently did not get the memo) the rest of the band went for the hippie vibe – long locks on the men, a long loose polka dot tunic on the frontman (who gave off a distinct Kevin Barnes vibe to me) and a crop top for the female band member.

The forty minute set included a three song encore. While I had bet my concert-mate that the encore would be “We Come Running” their big single from the 2012 EP, they in fact didn’t save that one for last, but instead finished off with some more acoustic pieces. It was a high energy set, especially “We come Running” which had the crowd bouncing as one entity along with the lead singer, so it was nice to finish off with the slower pieces. Still, “We Come running” was the obvious crowd favorite and with good reason – it’s just like Ricky said – with such a catchy and easy to learn chorus, the entire venue was belting the thing out, you couldn’t help but get swept up in it:

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