Hot Docs: Shooting Bigfoot [2013, Morgan Matthews]


A documentary where you seem to have a perma smile on your face as you are watching, Shooting Bigfoot is an fun look at the chase for the elusive big foot.

Through the eyes of director Morgan Matthews, we meet three groups of people who have made it their life mission to capture Bigfoot (and profit from it). The people we meet are all blessed with colorful personalities which adds to the entertainment level of the film. Each of them have claimed to encounter the mythical creature and each of them are dedicated to being the first to find and capture bigfoot.

Part of the fun of this documentary is trying to figure out if any of the people we encounter are legit in terms of wanting to find Bigfoot or just trying to make a buck off this phenomenon (and this documentary). It is definitely a film where you have to question every word or action that the bigfoot hunters say and it is thoroughly entertaining to see the director provoke the hunters with questions.

Each of the hunts lead the director Morgan Matthews into the woods, and the latter part of the film somehow take on an almost Blair Witch feel, complete with the director’s own obvious discomfort in the woods. Having made his subject’s uncomfortable in the earlier part of the film with probing questions about each subjects legitimacy, it’s interesting to see the tables turn as the hunters take him into the woods in almost complete darkness and watch what unfolds.

The documentary also highlights some extreme cases of urban poverty as well as how easily it is to get high powered ammunition.

Overall, a lighthearted and enjoyable film that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Tue, Apr 30 8:29 PM @ TIFF Bell Lightbox 2
Wed, May 1 11:58 PM @ Bloor Hot Docs Cinema
Fri, May 3 9:30 PM @ The Royal Cinema

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  1. Thomas Berlin

    One of the “bigfooters” in this group (Dyer), is now fleecing the community of believers in claiming he killed the illusive creature while filming and selling memberships to see the body. Funny thing, he tried to do the same thing in 2008, and got worldwide attention for it (we refer to him as freezer boy) Not funny thing, people are actually giving him money for the hope of seeing a dead Bigfoot. Nice write up, I enjoyed it and look forward to seeing it on DVD.

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  3. Mma UpRising

    Shooting Bigfoot Trailer Featuring Rick Dyer

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