SXSW Review: Best Coast, Red Bull Soundstage, March 12

Best Coast

I’m not sure if this was an official show case, but Best Coast played an early night show on Tuesday night for Red Bull as part of their select sound show case. They were significantly less drunk than the last time I saw them, which was at the Spin party at last year’s SXSW.

Playing a set of songs from the two albums, I had a perfectly enjoyable time. The band doesn’t do a whole lot on stage besides drink, and play their songs while mostly remaining stationary (Bobb Bruno is more animated of the two). Set closers Boyfriend and When I’m With You remain excellent songs that perfectly exemplify Best Coast’s music – easily digestible lyrics played over a quick hitting, upbeat lo-fi type of rock . Beth Cosentino’s sweet voice and musings are as pleasant as ever, and as I have gotten more time with sophomore release The Only Place, the tracks off there I found to be just as enjoyable as the first one now (which wasn’t always the case). I actually think that the song The Only Place should be the anthem for California. The lyrics capture everything good about California:

We’ve got the ocean, got the babes
Got the sun, we’ve got the waves

And none of the bad (horrible traffic, brutal unemployment rates). A great sell job by my standards anyway.

I wonder if Best Coast will be one of the bands that as time passes, becomes one of those bands that’ll be like ..oh yeah Best Coast, I like them..they are good. Then you will go and see them and feel good ..but not great. I guess I am wondering if they have plateaued as a band, which is awful to think for a band with only two albums. Not sure why I think this. It just seems like their sound hasn’t changed much in the years and as a result, my feelings about them hasn’t changed. Does that make sense? Who knows.

Having said all that, Best Coast’s third album is set to drop sometime this year.

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