SXSW Review: Cloud Nothings, Mohawk, March 12

Cloud Nothings, they know how to rock.

When I first heard about them, I had heard they were a DIY sort of rock band that embraced a lo-fi rock kind of sound. I hadn’t particularly paid much attention to them aside from the fact that one of my friends seem to be BFF’s with the lead singer. It has seem that in the few years since their self titled album first made waves in the music world, the band has grown up. Dylan Baldi is no longer a clean shaven short hair basement singer for his little band – now it seems like Dylan Baldi has emerged into a long hair bearded leader of a rock band that just hits you with a punch of grunge-ish rock.

I didn’t quite know what to expect when Cloud Nothings took the stage at the Mohawk on Tuesday night. I had thought that they were this nerdy little band whose lead singer who writes for the same zine I did. I was wrong. The band took the stage and just rocked the place. For forty minutes, there was a non stop wall of sound from the group. Playing tracks from albums new and old, the group played what I can only describe as a blistering set of guitar noise and screamy vocals that weres surprisingly catchy. Paul said it was pretty clear that Dylan listened to Nirvana growing up. I would agree. I felt bad for people without earplugs. It was quite a jolt.

Cloud Nothings are playing a few more shows this week, so if you want a good punch to the gut of rock n roll, then definitely check them out.

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