Concert Review: Coachella, May 1st-2nd, 2004 [Radiohead, Pixies, The Cure, Kraftwerk, Flaming Lips]

Taken from my livejournal account circa 2004:


Hi readers! How’s it going? I just got back from LA / Palm Springs after a weekend trip to go to this music festival called Coachella. I think this is the fourth year they run it, and it’s super cool!!. Not a lot of people but excellent bands. I really hope it stays this way and doesn’t expand into some random two week thing or go on a cruise ship or something. LOL. Who does that? I don’t know, I have a lot of imagination. Anyways, let’s take it from the top.

Haha look how nerdy me and Derek are, with our ipods and all. I freaking love using that wheel. Don’t ever change that Apple, it can’t get any better then this.

So instead of camping at Palm Springs, we decided to rent a hotel room. We had a great idea to bring an air mattress, but no one brought a pump so we had to use a gas station to pump it. So clever. Can’t wait until Coachella tomorrow! My first ever music festival. Who knows if I’ll ever go to one ever again.

Day 1

First of all, it is freaking hot in Palm Springs. Why would Coachella put a festival in the middle of the desert in May!? They should move it to April or something, but we all have dreams. We all have dreams.

I started off the day by checking out Stellastarr*, they are this up and coming rock act from New York city. My Coco and Jenny are great tracks, I am pretty sure we are going to see a lot from them in the future. I discovered them by going to some band I liked on and then clicking on “similar artist”. Can’t think of a better way to find bands I like. Anyways, check them out.

Beck was freaking packed, and it’s also 4 pm which is arguably the hottest time of the day. I am going to seek refuge in the shade somewhere. I probably shouldn’t drink beer. Oh what the hell. What’s that famous phrase people use? you only live once? no that’s not it.. life is short, play hard! Yes, from Reebok. Of course.

You see that on the stage right there? That’s the freakin Pixies! I heard they reformed just for Coachella. They were great – Debaser, Wave of Mutilation and Here Comes the Man all got the crowd singing. What a moment, surely a once in the lifetime event.

Radiohead was awesome as well, but they are always awesome. Kraftwerk? mind blowing. What a light show.

The only downside to the whole event was that it took two freakin hours to get out of the parking lot.

Day 2

Kind of exhausted from Day 1, we decided to hit up the hotel restaurant first and slowly mosey our way towards the grounds.

We arrived just around 3:30 and met our friend Pete, who checked out this local Toronto band called Broken Social Scene. Who goes to Coachella to go see local music? Pete does. I made my way over to the main stage to check out Muse, who originally began as a Radiohead cover band. Well not really, but check out Showbiz and tell me it’s not The Bends part 2. I hope they are able to find ways to sound different with their next album but who knows with these bands.

It’s still super hot, I wish my friends back home could know how hot it was. If only there was some way for me to convey these feelings to them online at this very moment of time. Sigh. The girls at the stands are letting you soak your towel in cold water for 1 dollar. I have been doing this all day.

Couldn’t quite decide on the Killers or the Thrills, but since The Thrills excel at upbeat surf type rock, decided to check that out. Killers are kinda new, and playing the smallest tent, so I’m sure it can’t be that good. I bought a wicked BRMC shirt, because let’s face it, BRMC are the coolest people on Earth, except today, I don’t know if the all leather look is going to be good for this weather.

Belle & Sebastian at sunset. Doesn’t really get better then this. Unless I see them open for Pulp or something. If only.. haha.

Frickin broke my sunglasses dancing to Basement Jaxx. Goddamn it. I guess this is growing up.

Hamster balls! floating balls! giant hands! confetti guns! dancing mascots! That, ladies and gentleman, are the Flaming Lips. I think they were on 90210 once, and this Soft Bulletin record is pretty good. Their show – amazing. They didn’t sing Waiting for Superman though.

I am glad they didn’t book The Cure during the day, or fat Bob’s face would have looked like olive and cheese pizza you take out of the oven. I am a bit pissed that they booked Le Tigre on stage next to The Cure, as I can hear them whenever fat Bob does a quiet song.

We left before the encore to beat the traffic.

Overall, Coachella seems like a fun festival. They don’t really have many festivals like this in North America, which is a shame. Anyways, talk to you later!

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