Concert Review: Patrick Watson, December 6, Massey Hall

patrick watson
Sometimes I regret showing up late to a show. This time, however, it wasn’t because I missed the openers (and I’m sure the Barr Brothers rocked it) but because they were giving away these cool little ring lights at the door. They were kind of like little floating stars in the night sky when held up by the hundreds that were given them. Sometimes it’s okay to conform to cheesy crap like this but only when it’s pretty. I can’t think of a better venue in the city for Patrick Watson to play than Massey Hall. It’s their chamber music, it’s his voice, it’s the fact that he brought along a ten-person choir. All of these things made the show and the venue sync so well.I’m also a fan of Massey Hall because of the recent addition of an American Express Platinum card bar in the basement which gives cardholders not one but two free drinks. As well as them allowing you to now bring your drinks upstairs to your seats all just adds to the enjoyment of the show. So I was drinking by myself, so what? I was in the dark and have no shame. Patrick talked about having friends and family (i.e. his brother) present and dedicated some of their songs to them. Songs moved back and forth from faster and loud to slower and soft but all accented with his soprano-like voice that can hold notes longer than you could. All of this made for an unforgettable performance.

What was more unforgettable was his infectious laugh which almost verged on a minor case of ADD. He would do his little stage banter and the crowd would laugh. He would then make his awkward laugh and the crowd (mostly girls) would also respond with laughter, and his giggle would continue. It really was an awkward cycle of laughter.  Unfortunate too was that it didn’t sell out.  According to an usher, there were 800 of the 2400 seats still available.

Patrick Watson are on the tail-end of their tour through Quebec. They wrap up this coming Friday in St-Hyacinthe. 

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