Concert Review: JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, November 21, The Metro

The three rules to looking good are:

1) Everybody looks better in a suit.

2) Nobody looks stupid when they’re having fun.

3) Everybody looks glamorous when they’re surrounded by attractive people.

So in other words, JC Brooks is brootiful.

I first made the acquaintance of JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound this summer when they rocked the stage at Lolla at 11am and showed up all the headliners. When I saw they were headlining their own show at the Metro on American Thanksgiving eve, I knew I had to go in for a second helping – even if they were playing in the indie oasis of brosville that is The Metro Theater.

JCBUS is a retro, soul punk outfit consisting of a keyboardist, a bongo player, a guitarist, a bassist and of course the main man himself – JC Brooks. Brooks not only has sweet dance moves and swagger, he also brings back the glamour and class of a 1950’s crooner. A crooner who apparently appeals to the really tall 20 something white male crowd. There were at least three 6 foot guys in front me who were waving wildly trying to get Brooks’ attention throughout the concert – I can’t say I disagree with their taste in man crush, but I was somewhat surprised by it.

These tall white men were also getting down like nobody’s business. Wilco cover ‘I am trying to break your heart’, as well as ‘Sister Ray Charles’ and ‘Want More’ were particular crowd favorites. Brooks belted out the songs like nobody’s business and also shimmied, strutted, swayed and shook his way throughout an hour long set. The man can spin elegance, sophistication, attitude and fun out of thin air – and even though we all knew the second we exited the doors of The Metro we would come upon the beer soaked frat party that is Wrigleyville after midnight, it was worth it to see Brooks create his magic onstage.

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