Concert Review: Body Language, Deserted DC Warehouse, September 17, 2012

Have you been to one of those over-priced pop-up art events American hipster organizations with names like “Bright Young Things” like to set up? If you haven’t been lucky enough to pay $15 for these experiences, they’re basically unconventional exhibits of unknown artists in undiscovered (read: deserted) urban warehouses where unprofessional bartenders sell you $9 Andre in solo cups. A good time? Sometimes, but you can probably tell by my tone that I was not super excited when my friends decided that just such an event would be our Saturday night destination. But, given that my choice was drink a $9 bottle of wine by myself in my apartment or drink said $9 Andre with friends… I opted for the latter. Such.A.Good.Life.Decision. Why? Because I got to see Body Language.

So, with these art events, there are sometimes bands… sometimes mediocre bands… sometimes great bands. Body Language was definitely on the latter end of that spectrum. They were ridiculously great. How great? A guy I didn’t know walked up to me, asked me for a pen, wrote down his number… and gave it to the beautiful lead singer. And I wasn’t even mad about it.

The band is Brooklyn-based and describes itself as tropical/soul/psychedelic. The band members (MAGIC: Matt, Ang, Grant, Ian and Computer) have an original sound, their banter is witty and they had the entire crowd of super cool-emo-dark yuppies legitimately dancing (not just head-nodding) by mid-set. The crowd wouldn’t let them go without a loooong encore. Their new EP (as of September) is grammar and includes several of the hits the band played that night, including Lose My Head and I’m a Mess. Check these guys out. They are fantastic.

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