Concert Review: Saint Etienne, October 24th, Opera House

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It’s been ten long years since London group Saint Etienne last graced our fair city, so you could imagine the excitement that was brimming from my friend Josh‘s face when St. Etienne chanteuse Sarah Cracknell, dressed in a sequined dress and a fluffy white boa emerged from the darkness at the Opera House. You see, Saint Etienne is my friend Josh’s favorite band and while I’m not overly familiar with the group’s discography, the prospect of seeing my friend see his favorite band as well as the generally high acclaim to which Saint Etienne is held to made this show a no-brainer.

Playing the first show on the North American leg of their tour, the London trio was met with a rapturous ovation by the crowd, which comprised of mostly 35 to 45 year old men. I might have been the youngest guy there. Joining Pete, Bob and Sarah was a backing singer. With Bob and Pete relegated to the back of the stage behind all the electronic gadgets they use to make the music, the large Opera House stage became the playground for Cracknell. Who in return danced away the night as she delivered pitch perfect vocals on song after song, to say she sounded good would be an understatement. Josh was swooning.

The group opted to forgo all slower numbers, instead they forged a set list full of upbeat hits such as Only Love Can Break Your Heart , Who Do You Think You Are and set closer He’s On The Phone. Essentially, it became a dance party. Josh was dancing.

As Chromewaves mentioned, it would have been interesting to see how the group would sound with a live band but I guess there is a sort of consistency you can appreciate with the setup the group has.

The Saint Etienne show was an eye opener for me. Having only known their big singles, I left impressed with just how good their tracks on. They are catchy, fun and makes you just want to move your body. There probably weren’t many people unfamiliar with the music of Saint Etienne at the Opera House but those that were had no choice but to become new fans. The old fans? Well, judging by the lengthy applause that followed their first encore in anticipation of a second encore, I’d say they came away happy. I know my friend Josh did.

Set list provided by bastard child blog Indie Kid vs Dance Kid

Like a Motorway (Tiger Bay 1994)
Who Do You Think You Are (So Tough 1993; sorta)
Burnt out Car (Continental 1997)
Popular (Words And Music 2012)
Spring (Foxbase Alpha 1991)
Haunted Jukebox (Words And Music 2012)
When I was 17 (Words And Music 2012)
You’re In A Bad Way (So Tough 1993)
Good Thing (Tales From Turnpike House 2005)
Sylvie (Good Humor 1998)
Tonight (Words And Music 2012)
Only Love Can Break Your Heart ((Foxbase Alpha 1991 (Original)/Foxbase Beta 2009 (Remix))
Dj (Words And Music 2012)
Nothing Can Stop Us (Foxbase Alpha 1991)


I Got Your Music (Words And Music 2012)
He’s On The Phone (He’s On The Phone Single 1995)

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