Concert Review: Nick Waterhouse, October 8, Great Hall

nick waterhouse

On Monday night, rhythm and blues revivalist Nick Waterhouse and his backing band The Tarots strolled into town and delivered what I can only describe as a precise and focused recreation of what 50’s era rhythm, blues and soul band would sound like, if it happened in today’s era. In case you haven’t heard about Nick Waterhouse, he is a California based musician whose solid debut album, Time’s All Gone painstakingly brings you back to the days of Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley. It’s a little bit of rock, a whole lot of roll and as seen at the Great Hall on Monday, a whole lot of dancing.

Taking the stage shortly after 10:30, Waterhouse and the sharply dressed band quickly launched into a bevvy of what I can only assume was songs off their debut record. Featuring a drummer, horns, guitars, keyboard and a sultry female backing singer, the backing band provided plenty of ammunition for Waterhouse, who exuded confidence on stage, get the crowd moving. It was interesting to see Waterhouse on stage. As someone who only has one album under his belt, the man had swagger and confidently orchestrated his band and crowd throughout the night. When you release an album such as Time’s All Gone, you clearly are a student of the game and judging by the live show he put on, it would seem that study bled across to concerts as well. The man just knew what to do with a live show, he knew how to get the crowd going, knew when to show appreciation for the band, knew when to let someone do a solo and knew how to end off a show (bringing back the opener for a cover, something he has done most shows of the tour). It was all very good, but for me, felt a bit as if it was scripted. Maybe I’m not used to seeing a show this slick from a band with a debut album.

The crowd absolutely loved it and there was a decent dance floor near the front, which reminded me of this skit.

Make of that what you will.

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