Concert Review: Devil Makes Three, September 19, The Hamilton

Devil Makes Three

I’m usually comfortably complacent / In my indie pop niche
But with fall settling in / And the seasons a-switch
I decided to explore / To try something new
Something a bit grassy / Something a bit blue
Yes, bluegrass it is! / And though I did feel silly
Walking into the swank Hamilton club / Feeling like a hillbilly
I was soon put at ease / By the bar’s motley crews

I was surrounded by beards / And plaid and tattoos.
We didn’t wait long / Before Brown Bird started to play
And it suddenly became clear / Why bluegrass is here to stay.
The duo was gritty and sharp; / Dan and Morgan gave us a show
Which even the day after / Has me tapping my toe.
They played several new songs / But kept some old tunes around
Shiloh was my favorite / With its gypsy-like sound.
Brown Bird left the stage / To cheers and high energy
You could tell the crowd was primed / For Devil Makes Three.

When the trio appeared / O! What a cheer
And, please forgive me / For I have to digress here –
Before praising their music / I have to comment on their looks
For all three band members have perfect style / But from three very different books.
The banjo player had braids / Down his back for the win
And his full beard could barely / Contain his grin.
Next to him the lead singer / Was also best defined by his locks.
He was what we ladies might call / A Silver Fox.

The guy was good looking / And dapper to boot
With his slick vest and tie / Way cooler than a suit.
But the lady was the one / Who looked the best
She dominated the upright bass / And the tattoo on her chest.
The crowd went wild / And all sang along
As they played The Bullet / Among many another song.
O Bluegrass! I’ll be back for more / Just wait, you’ll see.
Thanks to these two bands / You’ve got a new fan in me.

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