Concert Review: Dragonette, The Knocks, September 15, Black Cat


I was so confused walking into the Dragonette show at the Black Cat. It’s a small venue (part of it’s charm) but I really thought I’d managed to enter the wrong show. The band on-stage was… awesome. Like headliner-worthy awesome. Like mega-dance-party/sick-beats/two-dudes-banging-drum-sets-with-glo-sticks awesome. But no, I was in the right place. Just turns out I was in for a treat, because Dragonette’s opener, NY-based duo the Knocks, is an amazing live-act. (Side note: the band got its name from back in the day when neighbors used to knock on their door and ask them to turn their volume down. Love!) The duo played through their big hits, Dancing with the DJ and Brightside, as well as other lesser-known (but equally great) mash-up electronic creations. I’ve listened to some of the band’s tracks post-concert, and while they are still super quality, there’s something this band does live that is not captured in their recordings. They are well-worth their ticket price. I also loved that they requested the house lights be turned on after their set so they could take pictures of the crowd with their smartphones. Approved!

Dragonette took the stage soon after their phenomenal opening act… and proceeded to own the stage. Lead singer Martina Sorbara is one of the most engaging, high-energy, stunning front women I’ve ever seen. The woman has cheekbones that defy biological possibility. Not that I’m jealous. She and her band rocked the show, playing some songs from their forthcoming album, Bodyparts (favorite track: My Work is Done with the lyric: “I don’t want to work/I just want to get paid.” Amen. Of course, the highlight of the show was the last two songs: Hello and Let it Go. Such a good way to end a Saturday night.

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