Concert Review: Everest, June 26th, Living Social Speakeasy

Washington DC – What’s more difficult for a band? Playing a huge stadium? Or an intimate speakeasy? I’m honestly not sure which would be more nerve-wracking for a musician who occasionally suffers from stage fright. I mean, in a stadium you risk embarrassment in front of thousands, but when there are only 30 or so people in the crowd you know every drop of spit that sprays from your mouth is under watch. But enough with the deep contemplations.

In short, I ask the question because I was very much impressed by Everest’s show on June 26 th at the Living Social speakeasy in DC’s Chinatown. The venue is very cool and also very small. It’s split-level with a glass floor/ceiling. There are bars on both levels, but the stage is on the top. And when I say ‘stage’ I mean an elevated walk-way (again with a transparent floor) where the five-man band has just room enough to stand (and sit for the drummer). The space is made for and up close and personal feel, so when I say I could, and did, appreciate every drop of sweat the musicians produced to make their music, I am being literal.

The band played a great line-up of songs for their admiring fans. They played most of the songs on their new album, Ownerless, including two of my favorite: Games and Rake Me Over the Coals. Their set lasted about an hour, but then they rallied and performed a lengthy encore that brought out some of the old favorites, including Let Go – definitely the highlight for most of the crowd. All in all, a really nice show by a very personable band. I would definitely check them out if they come to a city near you.

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