Concert Reviews: Mynabirds, Sean Bones, Black Cat, June 23rd

Washington DC – The Mynabirds are phenomenal. That is the main message of this post, so if you read no further, walk away knowing that.

But let’s start from the beginning. Sean Bones, a Brooklyn, New York based band, are also extremely fun to see. They were Mynabirds’ second opener, and warmed up the crowd with a great mix of laid-back indie music accentuated by a neon-lit-up palm tree on stage. My favorite song of theirs was Dancehall, which was inspired by Obama coming to office. It’s got a cool message that includes a shout-out to a change in guards and a call to the people to come together and keep their eyes open. Don’t mistake this band as a politically fixated group though. I spoke briefly to the lead singer and he explained that that motivation was an outlier. Most of the songs are inspired by… love. Approved. (I also loved the fact that when this band came back to jam with Mynabirds at the end of the show, the lead singer was sporting binoculars. Kudos for ridiculous props, although I kind of which he’d been able to sneak the palm tree back no stage.) The band just released a new album – “Babylon Will Fall” – which would make a good summer listen for those looking for a sort of ‘tropical indie’ addition to their music collection.

Then the Mynabirds. The band is touring to promote their new album, Generals, but let me tell you – all their songs, old and new, were awesome. Lead singer Laura Burhenn is not only striking (woman took the stage in a slit-back-pure-white-onesie and her signature paper-machie fox – or possibly raccoon- headed cap) but has a voice for the ages. Her range is low, high, deep, throaty, fun, and always perfectly on-pitch. The band played a good, long set covering songs like General, Body of Work (my new favorite), and Numbers Don’t Lie. They also closed out the night with a cover of They Say It’s Your Birthday in honor of Laura’s mother who was in the crowd.

So much fun. How fun? Fun enough to keep me out way longer than my normal midnight curfew.

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