NXNE Review: Daughn Gibson, June 16, Wrongbar

Daughn Gibson is an odd duck. Based out of Pennsylvania, Gibson boasts a country sound mixed with electronics. Apparently taking stories from people around town and converting them into song, there were moments when I was really laughing out loud, and I hope I was supposed to be. There was a bit of what seemed like improv added to the end and pieces of songs where he spoke. At one point he said “We’re going to go down to Food Lion to pick up a sandwich and watch a video, Little Monsters”. Gibson was a former truck driver, and still works for a company as an HR representative. Playing in punk and metal bands throughout his teen years as a drummer, Gibson has been adept at music since a young age. Now 31, he is foraying into a strange world of electro-cowboy as I will call it, with Nick Cave type vocals. Speaking like Elvis between songs, one has to wonder if that was part character as well (since the sound guy told me Gibson was speaking to him in a British accent during set up). Definitely worth seeing at least once to make your own judgments, Daughn Gibson is an interesting outfit, sometimes funny, but certainly captivating.

Posted on by lauren in North By Northeast