NXNE Review: Still Life Still, June 14, The Rivoli

Still Life Still have come a long way from their debut album Girls Come Too. Playing mostly new material at the Arts & Crafts showcase on Thursday night, Still Life Still proved that they have become fully confident, experimenting with different samples, more complex guitar arrangements and always solid drumming and bass by Aaron Romaniuk and Derek Paulin. The result is something all their own. Each new track has its own unique arrangement, so when you hear the album, planned to be released early next year hopefully, it never feels repetitive. Some of the highlights included “Dear Holograms,” incredibly catchy with its intricate guitar work and a capella vocals in between. The last song of the night, “Amusement Parks,” is the perfect encore inducing performance. It hits the audience hard and when it’s over, hard and fast, it really is their drop the mic moment. Still Life Still have always inspired community among their listeners and fans, and have always really engaged the audience. In their early days around Toronto, they would invite all their friends to jump up on stage to sing, dance and play tambourine during their songs. Always a great experience, we’re looking forward to the new album and more dancing with Still Life Still.

Posted on by lauren in North By Northeast