Concert Review: Santigold, May 16, Kool Haus

Santigold Panic Manual Concert Review

It’s been awhile since Santigold first emerged to the forefront with her hit singles Say Aha and LES Artistes. Since then she has undergone a name change and provided guest vocals on a host of albums (my favorite being her spot on the NASA record). So it came to my surprise that her new record, Master of My Make Believe was her first album since her debut record. One of my most listened to albums this year, Master of My Make Believe is one of those records that’s impossible to classify as it seems to span across all genres from hip hip to rock. The only classification I would put on it is that it’s damn good.

With new album in tow, the Brooklyn artist played a fantastic show at the Kool Haus. It’s a shame that the show seemed severely under attended as part of the venue was curtained off. Having seen a good part of her show at SXSW, I knew what to expect. Armed with two fantastic dancers and a backing band dressed up like David Bowie, if David Bowie was a mega Tron fan, Santigold gave us a show heavy on aesthetics and visual delights. The show included multiple costume changes, choreographed
dancing and also a freaking horse.

Of course, all the visuals in the world wouldn’t have helped if the music wasn’t good. Santigold’s voice is amazing, it’s got this airiness to it that is hard to describe. The fact that she can sound pitch perfect while dancing is a testament to her talent. The set list consisted of a mix of new and old, both of which the all ages crowd easily enjoyed. People were dancing from beginning to end, even forming dance circles near the side of the stage. It appears new tracks like Disparate Youth and Go! have found their place on people’s playlists alongside the older tracks. My only disappointment was the exclusion of the track I’m a Lady from the set.

There are few artists out there more original than Santigold. Her genre bending music has only gotten better as she continues to find her sound. I would totally recommend checking her out.

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