Hot Docs Review: Charles Bradley – Soul of America [Poull Brien, 74 minutes, 2012, USA]

There are many rags to riches stories in the world of music.

There are none like this one.

Charles Bradley is a 62 year old soul singer currently packing concert halls all around the globe after his critically acclaimed debut album No Time For Dreaming was released last year.

Strickened by poverty and plagued by personal tragedies, The story of Charles Bradley is one that goes from heartbreaking to heartwarming. The film follows Charles for about half a year, starting with his birthday (where he performs as a James Brown impersonator), going through to his record release and subsequent record release show and shortly there after. A lot of good happens to Charles during this time, and it’s great to see the easily excitable man get some enjoyment in his life after the hardships he had endured.

It’s a documentary about finding your own voice, preservering in times of trouble and never giving up.

It’s one you should probably watch.

Much like Being Elmo from last years festival, it is nice to stumble upon a film that is celebrating the tiny pleasures of life rather then focusing on the many troubles of society. Charles’ tale is an extraordinary story featuring a one of a kind man. The music is great too, check it out.

Charles Bradley: Soul of America screens again Sat, May 5 6:30 PM @ Cumberland 2

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