Concert Reviews: California Wives, April 21st, Schubas Tavern

Chicago – You know what’s fun to think about? The Rolling Stones were once someone’s underdog. Once upon a time they were that little local band that the good concert-goers of London supported when they happened to have a free Saturday night. It’s one of my favorite things about living in a big city – it’s crawling with little bands that could make it big someday – at which point you get to tell your friends “I was a fan from the beginning.” Which is why I’d like to make my statement here and now: I was a fan of California Wives from the beginning (this statement is herein validated by the collective consciousness of the interwebs).

California Wives is a quartet from Chicago with a new wave/dream pop sound that will get way, way into your bones. They’ve already got a little cult following in their home city (as evidenced by the packed crowd in Schubas Saturday night for their headlining show) and it’s only going to grow. Take a second and listen to Blood Red Youth, one of my personal favorites, and then jump on the California Wives bandwagon so that you too can say that you were a fan before they hit the big time.

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