Concert Review: School of Seven Bells, April 5, Black Cat

7 Reasons to see School of Seven Bells:

  1. Solid sound.  The band has a great line-up of songs. While I find some bands that fall under the ‘dream pop’ label end up churning out a lot of identical-sounding songs, School of Seven Bells manages to produce tunes that are identifiable and catchy. I particularly like “I am under no disguise” – that one will definitely stick in your head.
  2. Great name. The band is named after a mythical South American pickpocket training academy. Baller.
  3. Gender balance. At least at this show, School of Seven Bells was one of the few indie bands that came to stage with legit two men, two women. No tokens here. Everyone pulls their weight.
  4. Stage set-up. The band, at least at the Black Cat, had a tasteful stage set-up. They kept decorations/lights/distractions to a minimum – only lighting the stage with their trademark three-circle signage.
  5. Great hair. Everyone on stage had beautiful locks. I was especially impressed by Benjamin Curtis’ cool asymmetrical mullet/Mohawk.
  6. Awesome accoutrements.  Both women on stage had great jewelry. Big dangly earrings, bangles, gigantic necklaces. According to my male concert companions, it made them look like “really hot Egyptian princesses.” Well done ladies.
  7. Kind words. The band wasn’t chatty, but when they did speak it was to effusively thank their fans. Back at you guys. Looking forward to seeing what your new album, Ghostory, will offer.

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