SXSW Review: Clock Opera, March 16, Parish

Among the unknown bands I saw last year, England’s Clock Opera was the band that impressed me the most. Their soaring melodic take on electronic music captured my imagination and I’ve been keeping track of this four piece band since.

Fast foreword to this year and Clock Opera has finally completed their debut album and it’s scheduled to arrive in April. With that in mind, Clock Opera blitzed SXSW this year with a series of performances. I caught their showcase at the Parish on Friday night.

The forty minute set proved what I suspected – Clock Opera is good and ready to roll. Their synth driven sound is augmented nicely by singer Guy Connelly’s voice, which in its most tender moments, reminds me of Guy Harveys voice. The band’s flair for the dramatics in all their tracks in my mind, separates them from similar sounding bands. I’ve already mentioned my love for Once and For All , but also tracks like Lesson Number 7 and Belongings are driving examples of the epic type of music Clock Opera is capable of and they sounded great live, much to the delight of the packed crowd at the Parish.

I fully expect this band to take off when their debut album drops in April, check them out if you have the chance.

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