Concert Review: Mona, February 25th, The Mod Club

The following review came from special guest writer Olga, who likes independent coffee shops and plaid shirted hipsters with beards. Apply within.

They came from down south and thankfully brought the rock ‘n’ roll heat to our chilly city this past weekend at The Mod Club. Toronto hosted Mona on the cusp of the band’s release of their first full length, self-titled album via Zion Noiz Recording/Island Records. Mona also had two prestigious live TV gigs – one with Leno; the other with Coco! – lined up after their Toronto show. Need I also mention their upcoming North American tour with vocalist/guitarist Noel Gallagher of Oasis fame? With this much early success, I was curious to see and hear what impression this young alt-rock outfit would make on the small crowd gathered together that Saturday night.

This indie lover’s verdict is out: these kids are a big deal. Nick Brown made a charming and sincere front man, zealously belting out recent hits like ‘Lean Into The Fall’ and ‘Teenager’ with emotional intensity and the moves to match it. Regardless of the fact that, according to my estimate, only 200 or so people had gathered in front of the stage, the rest of the crew – guitarist Jordan Young, bassist Zach Lindsey, and drummer Vince Gard – backed up Brown’s high energy act with their own passionate performances.

The band’s camaraderie and humour were apparent as they jammed together with mischievous grins and cajoled their listeners to sing and shake along with them. Pretty soon what can be a notoriously recalcitrant Toronto audience was hollering and dancing out its approval.

In the end, generous Canadian audience members passed shots up to Brown onstage, and drummer Gard ended by throwing his drum sticks off stage, proving that the Nashville boys indeed have a rowdy rock attitude to rival their musical talent. Brownie points go to Mona for a dedication of one their songs to the late Johnny Cash, as well as a thrilling final song, a cover of The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’.

And because you need Mona’s music in your life, and they have an online presence, check them out at the following links:




Twitter: Nick Brown – @nickbrownMONA

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