Concert Review: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, February 7th, Lincoln Hall

The dress code Tuesday night at Lincoln Hall was glitter. Although I, and most of my fellow concert-goers, didn’t get the memo until too late, each of the band members of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour rocked a glittery accoutrement: the horn section sported glittery bowties, the percussion section rocked a glitter lined denim jacket, the guitarist wore a glittery vest and the lead singer jammed in a glittery tunic and sparkly jeggings. The band shone. Literally and figuratively.

It didn’t hurt that the evening was peppered with unexpected and awesome instruments which included a saxophone, a trombone, bongos, a cowbell and some maracas. The band was definitely strongest when the horn section was going full blast, although the synthesizer heavy songs were pretty fun too. The best unexpected instrument though, was busted out by the keyboardist mid-set…ta-da! A flute!

When I learned that The Asteroids Galaxy Tour was a Danish pop group, my expectations went through the roof. The Europop movement might have died down but, being a true kid of the 80’s/90’s, it lives on in my heart, and I’d say that if The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is a taste of what Europop has morphed into now, I definitely approve. Their recorded work translates pretty well, give Heart Attack a listen and decide for yourself. And if they come to your town, buy yourself a ticket and make sure to wear something sparkly.

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