Concert Review in Poem Form: Caveman, Hospitality, January 11th, Horseshoe Tavern

There once was a band named Caveman, and they hatched a big old plan
To play a show at the Horseshoe, as best as they can
On the heels of their debut record, CoCo Beware
They wanted to play their hearts out, so the people would care.

The bar was hot, and not many people were there
Opening for them was a band named Hospitality, for it was a stage that they shared
Lead singer Amber Papini wore a short black dress
as the leader of the trio, they tried to impress
I wasn’t quite down with their slower tunes,
I questioned myself, “did I come too soon?”
an upbeat twee number arrived and Amber’s voiced shone
“Finally!”, i thought, and I was not alone.

Hospitality – Betty Wang by ThatEricAlper

Caveman took the stage next, almost dressed up in suits
It was their moment, they had fans to recruit
The band was all business, their stage banter barely a peep
Their influences reigned everywhere, like the acting choices of Meryl Streep
I found I was a bit lost amongst all their loud sounds
They seemed to perform at a pretty consistent level, no peaks or valleys to be found
With multiple drums on stage, they were heavy on percussion
With one album and an hour set, it seemed to be too long
like Sidney Crosby’s concussion
Maybe I am picky because the crowd seemed to enjoy
the indie rock sounds, of these five New York boys.

Caveman – Old Friend by The Vinyl District

Paul told me this is not a limerick, thus crushing my dreams

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