Concert Review: Metronomy, Oct 22, Rock Hall

METRONOMY! They rocked rocked rocked my world. I’ve found it difficult to ‘sell’ the band to friends, but they truly are incredibly talented. Unfortunately, they sound way better live than recorded (hence making it difficult to convince a big group of friends to go to the concert), but for those amongst you who are uninitiated, I would say start with “A Thing for Me” – go ahead and put it on now while you read this review.

To DC’s credit, enough of us Washingtonians knew the band well enough to sell out the Rock and Roll Hotel when Metronomy came through on October 22nd.  The house was packed and the crowd was ready to rock out with the British group.

So first, the band is adorable. It consists of: a chunky, glowing lead singer, a pint-sized saxophonist, a glam female drummer, and a beautiful, falsetto-singing afro-sporting  bassist. The band took the stage wearing synchronized blinking lights on their shirts, too, which just added to the overall effect.

Anyway, the set list was AMAZING. The band led us through “A Thing for Me,” “The Look,” “The Bay,” “Everything Goes My Way,” “Heartbreaker,” “Back on the Motorway,” and ended with an awesome encore featuring “Radio Ladio.” “They Bay” is far and away  my favorite but the sing-along portion of “Radio Ladio” also was definitely a highlight of the night.

At the end of the night, I couldn’t believe I’d only paid $15 to see this group. The experience was worth far far more. The band graciously thanked their American fan base, mentioning they were next headed to Boston. Keep an eye out for them, wherever you are!

Metronomy – A thing for me by mayagi

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