Concert Review: Fergus and Geronimo, April 16, The Garrison

Toronto – Fergus and Geronimo are a garage pop band out of Denton, Texas who make music that touches on a variety of different genres and takes influence from doo wop and Frank Zappa.  They’re named after two characters from an Irish movie I’ve never heard of, so I guess they win obscurity points for that. 

While on album they sound quite diverse, live they come across as a more straightforward garage rock band, albeit one with a sense of humour.  They’re the kind of band who can play a song about Roman numerals and all the great things they are related to  – textbook diagrams, Star Wars prequels, Rocky sequels, and so on.  This sense of humour was also responsible for one of the best sales pitches I’ve seen from a band.  “Back in America, the land of opportunity, we all work regular jobs so if you’d like to buy a CD or any other counter-cultural artifact, give us your Canadian money.  We’ll figure out a way to turn it into real money.”  They also made two requests onstage for a place for the band to stay for the night.  Ah, the glamorous life of a young touring band.   

Overall, they were good but not outstanding.  I think in many ways I prefer their album to the live experience (if only for the variety), but they did put on a solid performance and are a fairly tight band.  Plus they have a drummer who sings lead on some tracks and that’s always a good thing in my books. 

Fergus and Geronimo – Michael Kelly by Pellytwins blog

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