SXSW Review: The Black Lips, Club DeVille, March 18

Austin – The Black Lips are a good time. Playing Club De Ville on Thursday night to test out some “new shit” that’s due out in June, the Atlanta band absolutely rocked the crowd on Thursday night.

It only took about two songs before a mosh pit started. I don’t know the Black Lips well, but it was a catchy punk rock tune that evoke shades of the 70s NYC punk scene. As the set progressed I came to realize that the Black Lips are basically a classic 60s era pop band squeezed through a punk rock sieve. The result is surprisingly catchy tracks with some heavy edge. Analysis aside, The band basically played some kick ass rock and roll on Thursday, including O Katrina, one of the few tracks I know about. The band was quite lively on stage, spitting water, going into the crowd, kicking up a mess and generally giving the crowd a nice dose of adrenaline. Any band that refers to video projections as “magic time” gets good grades in my books.

Their new album is called Arabia Mountain, and it’s produced by Mark Ronson. Sounds like a good combination.

Black Lips – O Katrina! by todaystune

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