Concert Review: Hooray For Earth, The Concretes, Jan 17, Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto – It took something old and something new to drag me out of non concert going routine I had settled into for most of 2011. The something old was The Concretes, a Swedish pop act that I first saw almost seven years ago. The something new was New York’s Hooray For Earth, a band who has only released one EP to date, last years excellent Momo.

The last time the Concretes were in town, they drew a reasonable but relatively small crowd, and this time was no different. The Horseshoe was barely filled when I arrived at 9:30. Whether it affected Hooray For Earths performance, I don’t know but I gather it’s a bit of a disappointment to have to lug your crap all across the border and play to 30 people. Either way, the four piece band soldiered on and played a solid set. I thought some of the sound was a bit muffled and the band had already mentioned that they had to borrow a snare drum so I guess there were some issues. The live performance wasn’t as crisp or clean as the album and the bands low key vibe could give off the perception they were just going through the motions. Maybe that’s their personality, I don’t know. The band can definitely write some great tunes (ie Surrounded By Your Friends, Comfortable/Comparable) and even with the sound issues, you can tell their talent will eventually take them places.

Hooray for Earth – Surrounded By Your Friends (Twin Shadow Remix) by SUPMAG

The Concretes played a much different set then I had expected. With a new lead singer (former drummer Lisa Milberg), the band seemed to have taken a disco dancey vibe and it was evident right off the bat with one the singles off the new album WYWH. Wearing what I assumed was a rain jacket complimented by bangs that would make Sandra Bullock envious, Lisa Milberg asked the crowd to move forward, creating a more intimate affair and attempted to start a mini dance floor, which ultimately failed due to it being a Monday night and well, the songs weren’t really played at a frenetic pace or anything. The new tracks continued to be played throughout the set and it became evident that this rendition of the Concretes would be very different then the previous one. A few covers and older material were peppered throughout the hour long set and despite not really knowing much new material, I came away impressed with the bands ability to craft catchy tracks.

The Concretes – Good Evening by Playground Music

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