Concert Review: Mystery Jets, September 13, Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto – Monday night saw English band Mystery Jets start the first and potentially last stop of their North American tour in order to promote their new album Serotonin. Apparently, the band had not acquired a work visa as of last night. Despite the potential financial implications of a one off tour to North America, the band was still in good spirits as they took the stage for their show at around 22:45.

Starting with a one-two punch of new song Show Me The Light and recent hit single Half in Love With Elizabeth, it was quickly established that this show was going to feature a heavy dose of tracks off their new album Serotonin sprinkled with the popular tunes off their sophomore effort, Twenty One. I had previously written that the bands new album, Serotonin, is basically a pop album and the live renditions of these songs – The Girl is Gone, Too Late to Talk, Dreaming of Another World cements the idea that the Mystery Jets is more or less a good pop band capable of writing very radio friendly singles – infectious beats, catchy melodies and singalongable choruses (is that a word?). In other words, they are ready to rule the world. The band was quite good live – Blaine Harrison (he of the rag doll hair) has a strong voice, their harmonics were fun and catchy, the banter was witty and they appeared to have a good time.

As the 70 minute show wore on, I came to sad realization that their eclectic but good debut record, Making Dens, was going to get very little to no representation. This meant tracks like You Can’t Fool Me Dennis, The Boy Who Ran Away and Alas Agnes did not make appearances. This did not seem to bother the rest of the crowd, that despite being only 1/3 full, was having a good time. No one could have went to this Mystery Jets show without mentioning the insane group of mangrinders up in the front. As much as I admire their enthusiasm, I just wonder what it is about UK bands and the ‘lads’ loving it up with each other. Maybe it’s a phenomenon.

Despite the lack of any first album materials, it was a solid Monday night concert featuring one of the better up and coming bands from overseas. Lets just hope they don’t have to fly back today because of visa issues.

Mystery Jets – Dreaming of Another World by to9_lmao

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