Concert Review: Band of Horses, May 11th, The Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto – Surprise shows are always cool. Surprise FREE shows, well, that’s super cool. This was what happened Tuesday night. Seattle’s Band of Horses was in Buffalo on Monday night, opening up for Pearl Jam. Their next show was in Bristow, Virginia on Thursday. So with a two day break, the band decided to venture up to Toronto and taste the freedom. Well, after a few drinks at the Horseshoe (where they are friends with management), the band decided to play an impromptu show there that night. It was the weekly nu-music night anyway so there were a few bands playing who were more then willing to lend the Band of Horses their equipment. Word of their surprise show spread quickly on twitter and the next thing you know, the Horseshoe was packed with people of all varieties.

Now I’ll be honest and say aside from the song Funeral (which they did not play), I know very little of Band of Horses. I was pretty content to sit at home, dissect what the hell happened on Lost (seriously..what the hell was that) and then maybe finish Gears of War 2. However, I didn’t want to pass up a free show at a small venue for a band that can probably sell out the Phoenix, so despite the nagging rain and unfriendly winds, I ventured forth to the Horseshoe.

The crowd at the show was split into two varieties – those who really liked Bands of Horses, and those who heard the buzz. The great thing about surprise free shows is that the crowd is pretty electric, partially because they all think they are part of something secret and special. So when the band came on stage at around 11:26, the crowd was ready to go.

I don’t quite know any of the songs they played, but it was pretty much what you would expect from an American indie band that has a bunch of beards-plaid shirts. For me, it had a touch of My Morning Jacket. They have a psuedo-classic-south-but-kinda-mellow-country rock vibe going. Ben Bridewell’s voice definitely reminded me of Jim James or the guy from Youth Group, meaning it’s a very strong voice good for crooning. With their third album Infinite Arms coming out next Tuesday, the band also used the show to fine tune a few of the new tunes, which to me, sounded pretty good. They did several covers, including one of Gram Parson’s A Song for You and some Replacements song.

All in all, you can’t really ask for more on a dreary Tuesday night. There was a bit of electricity in the air, the band was happy to be there (it was Creighton Barrett’s birthday), the show was good and the crowd left happy. I really hope someone stayed for Eve and the Ocean, the band that played next.

You can stream the entire Infinite Arms album here

The Band of Horses will play on the Island as part of the BSS/Pavement super show on June 19.

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