SXSW Review: We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Parish, March 17


The final band (that I saw, anyway) from Wednesday’s Showcasing Scotland gig just so happens be one of my favorite bands of last year. Their album “These Four Walls” was in my top five and I didn’t get to see them last year so I was pretty excited.

The first thing you realize upon seeing this band live is that the reach of singer Adam Thompson’s voice knows no bounds. He’d step a few feet back from his microphone and singing at the top of his lungs, you couldn’t even tell he wasn’t mic’d. Actually, I walked past a patio they were playing at on the way to our hotel to write this just now and I could hear him from over a block away, over everything else happening on Red River Street. I was thinking that people he goes drinking with are probably deaf, I can imagine him standing on a table in a pub singing his heart out after a few beers.

Highlights that got the crowd bouncing and dancing were “Quiet Little Voices” and “Short Bursts”, but every song was basically a singalong. Good times, hope they get working on a new album before too long because I think they can only get better.

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