NXNE Concert Review: One hundred dollars and The Deep Dark Woods [Dakota Tavern, 2009]

Toronto – Sorry for the late review, but I think everyone would agree that Jacko is in the highlight right now. Back when he was still planning his comeback last week Thursday I saw One hundred dollars (I’ll just short-hand $100) and The Deep Dark Woods at the Dakota, following Coeur de Pirate. I haven’t heard country in such a long time… it was actually very nice and slightly heart-warming. Other people might disagree, but I really did enjoy both of these bands. $100, as I found out after the set, is actually from Toronto. I thought there was something strange about an “Albertan” band singing about a fruit-stand – that’d never fly in winter. Anyways, if all the word “country” reminds you of is Tim McGraw, then this isn’t your country. $100 has a indie tone that is probably their residual Toronto-ness. Vocal Simone Fornow has the tongue-twirling-twang that’s a little stereotypical, but when used well contributes to how mellow the songs really feel. If it’s a typical fast country song you can dismiss it, but on songs like Black Gold it really comes out. Btw I seriously think the guitar looks like Michael Keaton from some angles (maybe not the nose… or I have issues…)


One Hundred Dollars, Dakota Tavern, NxNE 2009

And just when you think you’ve had enough of cowboys, in comes The Deep Dark Woods – real prairie boys from Saskatoon, SK. They’re a bit more traditional country – lots of guitar twangs like those in Hang Me oh Hang Me. But there were a couple of numbers (I can’t remember the names) that actually caused the Dakota to stand up and dance. Thank god it wasn’t line dancing, though. I think my favorite was All The Money I had Is Gone – it describes bankruptcy with a very weird calm and I liked that contrast.

The Deep Dark Woods, Dakota Tavern, NxNE 2009

Both are worthy shows – the right crowd, indeed, may be necessary. I enjoyed it since I seriously needed break from indie rock, or maybe because I had redneck tunes injected into my subconscious from way back when.

The Deep Dark Woods:

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