Quick Concert Review: Primal Scream, March 24, Phoenix


Toronto – I wasn’t able to go, but my friend Mark from willersfurniture.com gave me this review not knowing that I would take our facebook conversation and turn it into a blog article. I call this ‘guerilla style blogging’. Im totally the Che of the interweb.

Mark: primal scream was good

Ricky: did they play kill all hippies

Mark:may have missed it, played swastica eyes.. did you see them in texas

Ricky: yea, they played about 45 minutes only though in texas

Mark: pretty cool green laser, lots of strobe lighting, they played a good mix, some stuff from screamadellica and xterminator, and other stuff I didn’t recognize , he’s a good showman got the crowd going, like that mani’s amp says mani on it instead of Marshall nice touch

Ricky:nice, what screamdelica tunes

Mark: higher than the sun, movin on up

Ricky:oh man i missed moving on up…how long was the set

Mark: got there at 10.15 and they were on till 12 at least definitely played stuff from evil heat too can’t remember exactly had a few beers with the brentster, passed my driving the same day so got a bit wasted

CONCLUSION – probably a good show

BTW, Mark makes furniture out of reclaimed wood. I don’t know what that means, but I guess we are similar since we review music from reclaimed albums. HAHA. jokes.

NOTE: Mark arrived late, here was setlist

“Kill All Hippies”
“Can’t Go Back”
“Miss Lucifer”
“Suicide Sally And Johnny Guitar”
“Burning Wheel”
“Beautiful Future”
“Higher Than The Sun”
“Deep Hit Of Morning Sun”
“Suicide Bomb”
“Shoot Speed/Kill Light”
“Swastika Eyes”
“Country Girl”
“Movin’ On Up”


“Necro Hex Blues”

i got that from chartattack.com

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