SXSW Review – Flosstradamus at Cedar Street Courtyard, March 21

Austin – Saturday was a weird and different day for the Panic Manual team. It was our last day of SXSW and we kind of went into the day feeling a bit tired and I personally didn’t really make much of a plan for my day. Obviously with such a large scale event as SXSW planning winds up being pointless a lot of the time anyway, but on Saturday I didn’t really have any bands left that were on my must-see list. So I decided to just go with the flow. Which isn’t always easy for me, because I am a spaz. Anyway.

Ricky and I split up from Gary upon arrival downtown, hit up a party that turned out to be lame, got a bratwurst, and decided to head back to Filter’s ongoing party on 4th since we thoroughly enjoyed it there the day before. We got a beer and relaxed in the comfy chairs in the bar while Asobi Seksu finished their set. We had intended to see the hip hop supergroup N.A.S.A., but unsurprisingly things were running behind and Flosstradamus were next.

Flosstradamus are a DJ duo that hail from Chicago. What took place during their set was one of those unexpected awesome times that you only get when you least expect it. We got up from our chairs when they started and walked outside to a massive, sweaty dance party that only took a few moments to get started. The crowd had joined them onstage and everyone was having a blast, and to add to the fun a circle opened up and some guys started break dancing.

This went on for the entire set and I couldn’t have cared less how sweaty and gross I was afterward. Moments of musical pleasure like that must be taken advantage of! Unfortunately we had to head out and miss N.A.S.A. The night that was to come was worth it though – stay tuned!

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