Concert Review: The Dinosaur Bones [Horseshoe Tavern]


Toronto – I think most people had given up hope about clear skies this season. It’s been snowing every other night for weeks. The discussion is no longer about the weather – it’s about what we are doing despite it. About time, I need positive thinking. We walked in to the later half of The Paint Movement’s set. It was a mix of easy-listening jazz and normal 3 piece rock, and a bongo drum, whose business there was not entirely clear other than he is a good friend who jams. I could seriously NOT hear the bongo. But the melodies are very light on the ears, and so it was very pleasant.

Me, Ricky and Pierre were really taken by surprise when we heard Black Hat Brigade, though. I liked their winding tunes, which was mainly from the synthesizer. It could get over-the-top on some stretch, and jarring some other, but overall I have not heard it used this well for some time. For some reason, I had this misconception that they were from Scotland and not Brampton, ON. Probably had something to do with the synth making a squeal similar to a bagpipe during a song that had the beats to a march (I think that was Swords). They did not play long though – running out of materials from their EP (5 songs for $5) might be the cause. After which we nodded amongst one another, content with ourselves that it was pretty decent music.

As it was getting late but towards the title show, at this point the floor is quite full. It was dark but I never failed to notice that I have a sign on my face and it read: Here is an invisible door through which you must pass to reach the concert! I was leaning on the post (since Horseshoe isn’t huge), yet everyone kept walking by me and I constantly have to give way. The Junction sounded like the product of Matt Costa joining the Beatle’s. A little too happy after the last band – there’s nothing particularly wrong about that, it’s just that I was feeling my age a little and I never got into their songs. One of the guys from Dinosaur Bones came on-stage to steal the show. That’s when I said to myself… it’s been a bit of a long day and your ears need rest. So regrettably none of us stayed for the title show. To be fair, I am easy to guilt-trip, and I listened to them afterwards.  To my surprise I hear a bit of jazz in the way some of the singing is carried… that or I am on a loose-tempo deafness and shouldn’t review concerts anymore. :)

So verdict: Paint Mvmt – not enough to judge. Black Hat Brigade – good but not long enough. Junction – nice, but was not my cup of tea at the time. Dinosaur Bones – require further listening but some advice: may not want to put the show at the very last of 4…

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