Hot Docs – Weekend Primer

Toronto – Every year, around this time, Toronto is home to the great Hot Docs Festival. It is North America’s largest documentary festival. There are all kinds of documentaries about all things that will probably depress you (as most documentaries do), but every year there are some quality documentaries that come out. Lets face it, documentaries are good information pieces and then when you go out afterwards to the bar or meet a girl at a party, you can recite some info you learn from these documentaries and impress them with your knowledge of the problems that some random kids in some non important third world country has. You can be like ‘Yea? Darfur? Have you heard of the issues they have in kazmikistan? Yea, its FAR WORSE then Darfur .. the kids there eat glass for desert’. It’ll get you props. Specially if you can shed a tear.

Anyways, here is some documentaries that interest me:

Emoticons (w/ Kids with Money)
Its about six girls obsessed with the internet. “these girls are lost souls in search of contact, consolation, help, friendship and love. “. I say, let them be obsessed with the internet, I work for an internet company, these people pay my bills probably.

Kids With Money
Its like a documentary version of the Hills, I gather. Some statement about consumerism is probably made.

7:15 @ Rom,

Carny (9:45 pm Saturday at Royal, other times available)
I imagine its about Carnies, so thats interesting enough by itself. It can also be about Carnivores, like Lions and Pumas. That’d be cool too. Either way, it should be good. Theres also a British Sea Power song called Canvey Island. I started that sentence thinking it was Carney Island, but I was wrong.

Montery Pop (11:55 pm Saturday, Bloor)
This movie is about the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, during the Summer of Love. You know, 1967, that year was nicely recapped in Forrest Gump. Expect a lot of Janis Joplin, and other hippies in this documentary. Also, Rick James saying ‘Coke .. its a hell of a drug’. Haha if only. I should make documentaries.

The Last Continent (12:45 @ Bloor, Sunday)
Its about Anarctica, its made by French-Canadians. Supposed to have some gorgeous pictures, being the Earthy guy that I am, that stuff appeals to me.

Junior (sunday, 7 pm at Alliance)
A documentary about Arnold’s 1993 movie about a man who gets preg– No, its actually a french canadian documentary about the lives of junior players. If you are a hockey fan, this will appeal to you.

Ps. Yes I know I don’t really have much information on these documentaries, but you can always click on the link to read the actual synopsis. I mean, those guys probably paid some publicist who probably spent a few hours typing up those descriptions.

Heres a song for all your troubles

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