Concert Review: Vampire Weekend, Feb 11, Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto – Man I feel like we write so much about this band we might as well be their press agents. Anyways, yes Feb 11 rolled around and it was time. I say it was time…to go to the Vampire Weekend show. The show took place at one of my favorite concern venues in Toronto – the Horseshoe. Especially since I found my sweet spot. Theres a spot thats about 12 – 15 feet back of the stage that ..nevermind don’t want to give it up.

So yes. Vampire Weekend. Crowd was packed. They were excited, everyone has probably downloaded the album and enjoyed it as much as I have. The Germans were the opening act, I caught the latter part of their show and they were something. I don’t know what, I wasn’t really paying attention. The band came on promptly at 11:15 pm, which was great since it’s Monday and they gotta show some ‘spect to those who have to work tomorrow. Boy, these kids just came out of college I bet. A four piece set, consisted of a drummer, guitarist, keyboardist and a bassist. The keyboardist looked a bit like Pete Wentz. Probably not a good thing. The lead singer was wearing a type of cardigan or something that my grandma would probably enjoy.

How was the show? twas awesome. Vampire Weekend, they just play really pleasant poppy music, and you can never really have a bad time at feel good pleasant poppy music concert. The lead singer has quite a good voice and the band actually has okay lyrics. I’ve never really paid much attention to the lyrics before, but from what I made out .. it was alright. Banter was typical band stuff. How does the LP translate live? Nicely. as with most bands, they were a bit louder and faster paced live then on the album, but that’s always a positive. The music influences of this band wear strong, and some parts of the concert I could imagine that this will be the type of music you hear on a cruise ship going to Tuvalu or something. Not sure if thats a necessarily positive thing for the long run, but hey, it works.

The set list consisted of things on the album, and one not on the album. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I’m sure the next time they play Toronto it’ll be a much bigger venue. Honestly, one of the concerts I’ve been to where I don’t really have any complaints or anything. I got a good spot to view the concert, no one was blocking my view, the show was efficient, didn’t drag. The streetcar came quickly, and then the bus came quickly too. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience, although I had my ass whooped in Halo before going to the show… and the Raptors lost. But I think those things are out of context in terms of this review.


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