The Teenagers, Jan 27, Great Hall

Toronto – Who are the Teenagers you ask? Here is a link to my last post, so I don’t have to write again. I am just writing to you about how the concert was. First of all, the show got moved to ‘The Great Hall’ which was right across the street. This place is great for concerts, honestly. The second floor of the place had nice comfy seats that I was able to rest my ass on. It reminded me of a church or theatre of some sort with balconies and everything. Furthermore, drinks were 5 bucks across. I suspect you need to apply for liquor license and have your own bartenders at this place, otherwise I am sure this venue would be more popular. Seriously, if Churches sold drinks for 5 bucks across, I might attend more.

On to the show itself, well, this was only the second show of the year and I think if I were to have yearly awards for shows i go to, this one would take the cake for

a) most overdressed (yet underessed) crowd
b) most guys wth eyeliners at a show

c) most girls with ridiculously short skirts on (distracting)
d) most amateur photographers
e) feeling old at a concert

To my surprise, the Teenagers were actually a 5 piece set. My friend D thought that they’d be a couple of goof balls fiddling around with knobs and buttons. However, they actually had two guitarist, one bassist, a drummer and the singer. My my, a real band!. They started off with either track 3 or 4 off their album and the sold out crowd seemed to really enjoy their music. They were a lot more prolific with their musical instruments then I had thought they were and I am glad to see that while their act might be a novelty act, they certainly didn’t play the part. The lead singer was kinda funny, and clearly enjoyed the spotlight. The set list consisted of most if not all of their album, and thats about it I think.

Funniest part of the set was for their smash hit homecoming, the asian dude was like ‘okay, this song requires female singer, we don’t have one right now so we will invite a girl on to the stage to sing the part’. Obviously, recipe for disaster. So they drag up this girl who was clearly blitz. Then another girl asks to go on stage and the lead singer allows her. The third girl jumps up on stage too and then the lead, who is clearly a bit annoyed says ‘two is enough’ but the girl doesnt get off the stage. Worse of all, none of the three girls on the stage knew any lyrics to the song and the girl that he didnt allow onto the stage knew it, so he spent the female portion of the song on his knees holding the mic to the girl in the crowd while the three other girls just jumped up and down.

Overally, a pretty good show for sunday night, it was better then I anticipated, the venue was great and the show had some seriously good moments…like..

girl in crowd: “MICHAELLLLLLL”
singer: “do you want to ask michael a question?”
singer: “okay ask him a question”
singe: ” ask him a question”
girl: “whats a question?”


* picture was not from the concert.

heres the song with the girl/guy part

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