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Concert Review: Sleater-Kinney, March 2, Sound Academy

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Two well-established facts: Sleater-Kinney is a kick-ass band and the Sound Academy is a terrible venue. Now that those two details are out of the way, I have to make this hefty statement: Sleater-Kinney is such a kick-ass live band that I actually forgot that the Sound Academy is a terrible venue during their show. Yes, really. The venue choice wasn’t going to stop me from seeing this band. Hell no. I wanted to see them that much. They’re a …

Concert Review: Father John Misty, February 18, Danforth Music Hall

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Full disclosure: I am a Father John Misty fangirl and I don’t care who knows it. From the first time I saw him play Lee’s Palace in 2012 to his solo acoustic tour in 2013 where he performed early versions of songs from his recently-released I Love You, Honey Bear album, I’ve seen the guy four times and every single time has been fantastic. Wednesday night at Danforth Music Hall was my fifth time seeing him. In all my years …

Concert Review: Hamilton Leithauser, January 20, Drake Hotel

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As a longtime fan of the Walkmen, I was predictably bummed when the band announced an indefinite hiatus towards the end of 2013. But, several months after that announcement, came the release of lead singer Hamilton Leithauser’s solo record, Black Hours. Everything in the world of music felt mostly okay again. I saw Leithauser play a short, daytime set this past September at Hamilton’s Supercrawl festival (I must emphasize how amusing it was to me that Hamilton Leithauser played the …

Concert Review: Allah-Las, Tashaki Miyaki, November 27, Horseshoe Tavern

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If you’re into 60’s-style garage-psych rock, then I have a band for you: LA’s Allah-Las. But, chances are, you may have already heard of them. If the sold-out jam-packed Horseshoe Tavern was any indicator on Thursday night, then Allah-Las are definitely a known band. Rolling through the bulk of songs from their self-titled debut and this year’s Worship the Sun, the band impressed with fantastic live versions faithful to their studio-recorded counterparts. The jangly guitar tone was impeccable and vocal …