TO Jazz Review: Get The Blessing, June 23, Nathan Phillips

Get The Blessing is a Bristol-based jazz funk rock band. They consist of the rhythm section of legendary trip-hoppers Portishead: Jim Barr on bass and Clive Deamer on drums. They’ve teamed up with Jake McMurchie on sax and Pete Judge on trumpet to make a sound that is, well, heavy. Strong and slightly haunting rhythms pair with some artful brass that were at times rocking and at times a little scary, but in a good way.

I only caught about half of their set, but was compelled to stay at Nathan Phillips for as long as I could once I dialed into the right frequency. Get the Blessing would be a great band to see in an intimate club if you want some music that can propel you forward and still feel substantial. If I was a goth with a father who loved jazz music and I appreciated that fact, I would listen to this music when I was getting ready to go out on one of my crazy goth Saturday nights. For the record, I’m not a goth, but I’ll still listen to Get The Blessing.

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